Hello Modesto!!

Do you remember the post 30 Days of Minimalism Challenge? So … Let’s talk about my first challenge? Could I do it?

In fact, I stay offline every weekend, except when some urgent job appers, well there is no options! But except that, Saturday and Sunday are the days I take off to do things which I can’t do during the week. It’s laundry-day, organizing my financial spreadsheet, writing my thoughts with the perfect coffee. Anyway, it’s the days when I enjoy my son: talking, playing, going to the movies or studying (if he really needs help).

Oh God! Of course I’ve been internet addicted, spent hours watching movies, Orkut, MSN or even ICQ (I’m so old school!!) but, currently I’ve a mature relationship with the internet. It’s here to help me not the opposite 😉

In this case I finish saying: “Stay offline for one day” is not a hard task, and Yes! I can stay offline for a whole day.

(CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)