Hello Modesto! Continuing the Minimalist Challenge, the idea now is to meditate for fifteen minutes daily.

When I think about Meditation, I create a very relaxing set in my mind, with a blue sky, a very calm wind, sitting in the position of Yoga, exposed to the sun pleasantly warm and the ideal ambient sound! Beautiful image right? I agree too! But my real life is definitely the opposite of this scene!

Who has a small kid and cares for him full time knows that there is no time to meditate, even with the bathroom door locked, but believe me: this dependence will pass as they grow. So that ideal scene for me doesn’t exist.

So … How can I meditate for fifteen minutes a day?

Each case is unique, right? And in my case I use those fifteen minutes at breakfast. After I leave my son at school, I return home, prepare my coffee, go back to my room, change my clothes, and sit comfortably in my bed to drink my black strong coffee and read a book (currently I read The Life-changing Magic of Tidying – Marie Kondo).

This is my daily routine (Sunday to Sunday) and it was how I found my moment to meditate, it may seem impossible, but I am very inspired and willing to start the day and work.

(CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)