Hello Modesto!!

Lately I’ve been so busy that haven’t time to dedicate myself to blogging, thinking about it I decided looking for an incentive, something that really makes me committed and check what I found: a great Minimalism Challenge!

Who meet me knows how much I love challenges that contribute something positive in my life, I already stayed 30 days without Facebook (which make me to disable my account), I already 12 months without soda (which resulted in 3 years and definitely I don’t need it! Intend to keep it that way for the rest of my life) and currently I’m in a challenge of 3 months without all kind candies (I confess, what make me survive are the fruits!), I will share with you each experience in the future.

Just like I said, I like proposals that make me a better person, thinking about it, instead of following for only 30 days I commit myself for all life long. Make me more sense!

As per I write, I’m updating here, so it will be easier to identify each item, ok?

I confess!!! I’m very anxious to start it!!! 😉

(CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)