˗ˏˋ 2019, thank you… ˎˊ˗

December 30th 2019 • Blog

This is the last post of the year here on the blog and I’m grateful for everything …

2019 was a year with many complex experiences, sometimes happy and frustrating. However, the most important were the lessons lived and learned.

In January I reflected on the past year, planned goals for 2019 and already told here the result of these goals.

In November the blog completed 03 years online with domain and own hosting and now in December I made a mini version of Blogmas.

Despite all the ups and downs, I just have to thank you, by the way I already have new goals for 2020 and for sure “Complain Less” is on the list.

I wish you all a happy new year full of health, new goals, inspirations and determination to reach your goals.

2019, thank you very much.

See you in 2020 🙂



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