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Today I want to talk about Instagram, no doubt is the social network that I love the most! It’s my only active profile. In fact, I’ve only to Work, Instagram, ROBLOX, Email and the Blog.

As usual, I drink coffee while I check Instagram — in fact, while I work, read or write as now for example!

Last week was no different, I was resting and my son brought me a coffee in bed with aroma of love. I thanked him and decided to open the app and when I saw my profile soon came a thought: “Wow, my Instagram profile is look like a proud mom!”, smiles satisfied, fulfilled and happy.

I was sitting there, watching my “mom’s Instagram”, open for everyone and with pictures of our daily life. Instantly I looked at the amount of people who follow me and to my amazement I didn’t know more than half, I was worried.

What was my wise decision?!
Think, analyze and solve. — Simple like that!
In my offline life I am very open, over the years I learned to respect myself, “I am 8 or 80” , “if there is no chemistry — I am not obligated!”
For many it’s called rude and for others self-love. At the end of the day, I will never please everyone and not disrespect.

What did I solve?
First, I closed my profile on Instagram — do you allow anyone to enter your life? Well, I don’t. It only enters people who really want to stay. Then I stopped following the people I don’t keep in touch and thanks to the option “remove follower” I managed to get out of the profile of the same people. And finally, I opened (again) the comments on my photos.

What did I get out of it?
Freedom! Inner Peace! And especially the safety of my son.
I don’t know if you can understand me, but now I feel good about it and I’m happy.

So we agree that: whoever wants to really follow me on Instagram and be happy — the doors will always be open!
Now if it’s “soliciting friendship” out of curiosity or just for me to follow you back — nor do you give yourself to work there are countless profiles more interesting than mine. Agree?

If you wish, tell me how your relationship with Instagram is?!

Well now I’m going to work, because the coffee’s over!!!


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