˗ˏˋ “About things that I can’t say.” ˎˊ˗

August 27th 2018 • Blog

That’s my biggest problem, I have a lot to say, so much to expose, and sometimes I even have the solution to some situations, but in the end, I paralyze.

I would like to no longer have that filter, but at the same time appreciate having it.

Talk without thinking, hurt people for free, make someone cries, decrease or hurt who is already fragile, discredit or don’t have faith. All this were never an option for me, on the contrary, as much as I know how strong I am, these external attitudes have incredible power here inside of me.

I miss the therapy.

Why don’t you go back?

I won’t answer it objectively, but I can give you a thousand excuses not to go.

But how much idiocy for one person!

Oh, 😔 how I agree with you.



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