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Hi, I’m Victoria, call me Vie.

I LOVE being a boy’s mom!! We do everything together, because that everybody thinks we’re brother and sister.

I love the minimalism in all his shapes and can’t live without a hot lovely black coffee!

I’m in constant transformation, so I can’t say too much about myself, just ask you to read me and if you wanted to leave me a comment on each post.

Ps.: The Blog’s translation is made by me, if you found any mistake, please contact me, I will be happy to fix it.


Don’t scream: I haven’t Facebook!!!

You can find me on Instagram (click here)!

I’m there since 2011 (until today) and I don’t intend to get out!!!

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Since my teenage years, I had a lot of blogs.

I always enjoyed sharing my thoughts with the world! But unfortunately, I did not keep me online for a long time – until 2011.

In 2016 I returned to writing, I started with the By Viectoria and since then felt almost complete !!

In 2017 decided it was the right moment to invest, so Viectoria born also the desire to grow just got bigger!

In 2018 happened something very sad 🙁 I lost all posts and comments!! Absolutely everything! I had many doubts would one day have a blog. If I’d ever write … until I found in my notebook a personal reminder: “don’t give up your dreams!!“. I took a deep breath and decided to start again! Envisioned as a new opportunity to be who I really am.

That same year, in the month of February, I invested a little more on the Blog and bought a theme that really answer me!! Now more than ever I’m not giving away!!!

I would like to thank everyone who supported me and believed I could write without fear. Believing in someone is very important and makes a difference in people’s lives. Thanks 🙂

The photos published here are taken by me and are also published on my Instagram.

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