April, for me 🐰

Do you know when the real life takes practically all your time giving space just for really important things? Well, that’s exactly what happened to me 🙂

Since 2007, April has become a very important month for me. Now my best friend turns 12ys. Fills my days with great joy and tranquility! But it wasn’t always like that, things were adjusting over the years. Fears and apprehensions became safety and quiet.

One thing I learned during all these years: we must follow our intuition, no one knows what is best for you and your son than yourself. We are unique human beings and not always what serves for one will serve for the other – period!

Good things this month

  • My son’s birthday;
  • We move on to next step at Japanese Kumon – 3A here we go!
  • I found the Easter eggs of carob. It was our first Easter without cocoa;
  • At last, we are in an intense race to complete the Egg Hunt Event of Roblox!!

Next month: May 2019

Finish the Easter event of Roblox!!


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