˗ˏˋ Where’d You Go, Bernadette ˎˊ˗

November 21st 2019 • Blog

I’ll warn you soon that there will be no spoiler, so you can read calmly and worry free! 😉

This week I went to the movies, I was excited to meet this Bernadette guy, the one who ripped me off a good laugh during the trailer.

To my surprise, I loved the movie (and I just found out that there’s also the book and I already want to read!) —that kind of dramatic comedy you know? Perfect for watching on a cloudy, rainy and very cold day. Her aversion to people, relationship with technology and dedication to the family, strangely caused me to identify me with Bernadette, maybe that’s why I walk on this strange emotional roller coaster…

Another thing that surprised me is that I accidentally went to a mother’s session. A session dedicated to mothers with babies. A soft sound, air conditioning at the perfect temperature, half-light and lots of baby noises!! Exactly, at that moment I was thinking about how I wish there was exists when Peter was still a baby, I confess that I was very nostalgic!

Although I was in doubt between watching The Panthers and Bernadette, I was pleased with the choice, I will surely watch again, but this time without babies’ noise.



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