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January 14th 2019 β€’ Blog

We are already in January/2019 and this post should have been published on the last day of 2018, but as you realized I am late with things around here, so gradually I promise that I leave it all up to date!

December was an exhausting month, at the same time it was excellent – it was stressful. A little personal relief: it may not seem, but lately my life has been very hard and my psychological health has been very shaken.

Despite having organized everything nicely, unfortunately, I couldn’t publish a lot, but I registered on Instagram.


02 Really happy things!

  • Monitoring closely the growth and development of my child is my greatest joy and personal achievement.
  • First seconds of 2019 in peace, with much love and in the best people around me was unforgettable – now more than ever I know what and who I want in our lives.


Next month: January 2019

I have many wishes for this month, but I just want to thank you for following me – I’m so glad for your kindness!!!



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