February, for me 🎐

When I started writing it was Carnaval morning, some things were going on and I went “leaving to post tomorrow “, but when I realized March was almost going away…

Today I don’t work, but writing is never too much, it makes me think and I really like it. I’ll tell you my little secret: Did you know there was a time when I was euphoric waiting for Carnaval? In my childhood, it had Grace and Joy, but a few years ago I don’t see it anymore, so I ended up opting for the calm.

February was a month of readaptation and much rest.

Returning from our vacation — Everything was very confusing, rushed and for a few days I was late. I don’t know if next time I’ll go for a whole month’s vacation. I lost the pace, sleep later and have no time to wake up is a wonderful thing!! I had forgotten how good it is, I enjoyed it the most and despite this disorganized mix I managed to get back to the routine quickly.

“Resting” forced — There is one thing I love and makes me feel safe: The Planning. I Programmed everything so that February was an amazing month, but (literally) came a strong rain that knocked me down! The water broke through every corner of the house, we pulled heavy furniture all over the place and guess what? The other day my spine was “broken ” and so I stayed for 3 weeks. 3/4 of the month at rest, working very little and practically without being able to do anything right, but thanks to a medicine that looked more like a sugar flake the pain was passing and gradually getting better.

After going through all this, there was one thing I learned: The people who really like me were present in some way. I had the support and love needed for my recovery — Thanks for that! And of course, I can’t forget to mention every peace I’ve had in these weeks! That was very important.

Good things this month!

  • DST is Over!
  • My parents ‘ Vacation,
  • We Watched Lego Movie,
  • We Buy books and manga,
  • Pheter began the last stage of the English Kumon,
  • The plush toys that were missing from the Jaime’s Garden already arrived and finally,
  • I Wrote here on the blog: A letter and About Instagram.

February was a beautiful month, isn’t it!?!

Next month: March 2019

The only thing to say is that it’s going to be a very special month and I hope it’s for you too love you!


🔒 About Instagram…

Today I want to talk about Instagram, no doubt is the social network that I love the most! It’s my only active profile. In fact, I’ve only to Work, Instagram, ROBLOX, Email and the Blog.

As usual, I drink coffee while I check Instagram — in fact, while I work, read or write as now for example!

Last week was no different, I was resting and my son brought me a coffee in bed with aroma of love. I thanked him and decided to open the app and when I saw my profile soon came a thought: “Wow, my Instagram profile is look like a proud mom!”, smiles satisfied, fulfilled and happy.

I was sitting there, watching my “mom’s Instagram”, open for everyone and with pictures of our daily life. Instantly I looked at the amount of people who follow me and to my amazement I didn’t know more than half, I was worried.

What was my wise decision?!
Think, analyze and solve. — Simple like that!
In my offline life I am very open, over the years I learned to respect myself, “I am 8 or 80” , “if there is no chemistry — I am not obligated!”
For many it’s called rude and for others self-love. At the end of the day, I will never please everyone and not disrespect.

What did I solve?
First, I closed my profile on Instagram — do you allow anyone to enter your life? Well, I don’t. It only enters people who really want to stay. Then I stopped following the people I don’t keep in touch and thanks to the option “remove follower” I managed to get out of the profile of the same people. And finally, I opened (again) the comments on my photos.

What did I get out of it?
Freedom! Inner Peace! And especially the safety of my son.
I don’t know if you can understand me, but now I feel good about it and I’m happy.

So we agree that: whoever wants to really follow me on Instagram and be happy — the doors will always be open!
Now if it’s “soliciting friendship” out of curiosity or just for me to follow you back — nor do you give yourself to work there are countless profiles more interesting than mine. Agree?

If you wish, tell me how your relationship with Instagram is?!

Well now I’m going to work, because the coffee’s over!!!