January, for me 👒

My relationship with January is based on those Mexican novels – “Love & Hatred”.

I love this month because:

  • It is the right time to set the annual goals and
  • I spend more time with my son, after all we’re on vacation!

It may not look like it, but it’s a busy month. It is when we organize school life, we buy all material, we define a routine with flexible schedules (because as you already know, I work at home, so our schedules are compatible) and we enjoy to rest in this period!!!

I know everything would be easier if I decided all things my way, but I don’t think it’s right. I like his participation in every step: draft and planning, because I know that he will accomplish the tasks without complaining.

I learned that I should just:
Teaching, Guiding and Never Interfering in decision making.

Speaking about resting, did you know that this is the first time (in years) that I’m on vacation? I usually have a little break and you know what? I was so used to the intense December routine that I kept waking up early in the early days.

I took the free time, posted and organized some things around here:

Now the boring part of this month is definitely summer! Here in Brazil, this season is more defined every year, a real madness!! For those who love and can stay at the beach or attend clubs, there is a delight, which is not our case: I am allergic to the sun and he is to the pool chlorine – yes! We are extremely allergic and no! We’re not spoiled. That’s why we’re restricted in our outdoor leisure options.

Good things this month:

  • We watched Wi-Fi Ralf, Glass and How to Train Your Dragon 3.
  • We buy manga Samurai X and a book about computers (for kids).
  • And of course you couldn’t miss it – ROBLOX! We play a lot!!

As you can see, we do almost everything together and usually have a photo on Instagram 😉

Next month: February 2019

Next month we will return to routine, work, school and course. I wish it to be a very productive month and full of new achievements for all of us!!


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