˗ˏˋ Just a lazy person today… ˎˊ˗

November 25th 2019 • Blog

When I wrote this post it was a cold and pleasant Sunday morning…

I have a thousand things to do and the only thing I’ve done so far was the bed, that’s all.

Last week was super intense and yet I allowed myself to pause (read here procrastinate).

My mind is so confused. I’m fed up, crazy to go out changing the furniture and realign my thoughts, but deep down, I know this is just a dereliction of duty, they’re a lot.

I feel like I need to take a moment for me, maybe … Sleep? Have that night’s sleep in peace, it would have been so if last night the mosquitoes hadn’t appeared. Love animals, but not mosquitoes or cockroaches.

So here I am… typing, typing, and typing…

Giving way to thoughts in the hope of inspiring myself and starting my stuffs. I know, today is Sunday and I could leave it to Monday, right? But tomorrow I won’t have time and I hate it when things are accumulated.

Writing calms me down, recycles my mind and inspires my soul… I have a thousand things to do and, now I already feel willing to solve them.



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