˗ˏˋ March, for me πŸ€ ΛŽΛŠΛ—

April 20th 2019 β€’ Blog

This time I worked so hard to post in the right time, but it wasn’t enough β€” today is the last April’s day!Β As I said in my last quiet time, March would be an amazing month and indeed it was much more than that!! I’m so over the moon and I want to jump to the part where I tell you the coolest things this month, yes I am very happy!!!

I’m almost 100% healthy β€” after much rest and medications, finally my back ache passed and gradually went back to my so lovely routine, I still can’t sit for many hours, but I delivered all my work on time and that’s very satisfying. For me, there is no better feeling than duty fulfilled.

Good things this month!

  • My son finished the English Kumon β€” which was amazing! Were exactly 02 years of much dedication, it began on the day 14/03/2017 and ended 14/03/2019. It Was a very intense journey, especially in the last months, he struggled enough and succeeded in the School and the Kumon. Can You imagine how proud I am?
  • Learning Japanese KumonΒ β€” exactly what you read!
  • My first year Meat Free! I’m very proud!!
  • This month I wasn’t around here or Instagram, on the other hand I played a lot Roblox. I Don’t feel bad about it, because many cool things have happened in real life.

What can I say? This month was special and complete of realizations!!

Next month: April 2019

I have only one wish, post more often here on the blog. May April be amazing for all of us!!



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