˗ˏˋ November, for me ☘️ ˎˊ˗

December 14th 2018 • Blog

Now we are in December, a countdown to all of us. Missing so little to finish 2018 and I’m here, begging for more hours in my day to be able to complete all that I need.

In October, I wished to November provide me positive moments and productive time. I think I wished so hard that was exactly happened, for first time in my life I was very happy with the summer hour.

After a complicated period of rehabilitation, daily life is getting better. Really, I have nothing to complain about, November was very kind to us.

We had an incredible moments in the last week, all registered on Instagram, in fact many things I share there, so invite you to follow me there.

OMG, that was a week full of emotions! That’s the reason why I am out of blog and internet, I just did the basics stuffs: working and answering job emails. I need to confess: I spend more (quality) time in the real life.

November was Awesome. We are so Grateful for that!

Final thoughts: wish December will be even better, to close with a happy ending.

And for you, how was November?



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