2019 Goals

“Without goals! One page per day!! “

In 2018 this was my motto and now we are in 2019, will I continue with this same thought!?

Absolutely NOT! No donuts for you my dear!!

By nature I make myself clear and living without goals is not my lifestyle. I dislike read an owner’s manual, but I need a perfect to-do list. Whether to go to the supermarket, for my job, books to read or simple things of the day, without a path to follow, I’ll be totally lost and that will become a big snowball.

Here in Brazil we always say that no matter how in the end everything will be fine. So that’s exactly how it happened. I started 2018 without goals, just needed to work and take care of my son, nothing more than the obvious!


Although it was a year with many achievements, all were related to motherhood and my side woman in stand by practically 300 days!! Living like this isn’t healthy, which is why I decided to do things for myself.

  1. Back to study.
  2. Read more than 3 books a year.
  3. Finances – manage better, we need to travel!!
  4. Give to my son more autonomy, after all, he’ll make 12 in April.
  5. Dedicate myself more to the blog, this includes translating all the old posts.

These are my priorities, a small and true to-do list. Having a list of surreal ideas made me embark on the wave of discouraging, in a few hours later the frustration arrived and my critical sense was too heavy. So I learned that no matter the amount of goals but the dedication to accomplish them.

Have you prepared your goals for this year? Tell Me in the comments or leave the link of your post, I want to read!!

Love, viectoria.


… and a happy new year 🥂

Hello there! Are you ok? I hardly showed up here in December/2018, please understand, every end of the year is a very complicated period for me. It’s the time I have more work to review and I have my son at home every second. Of course, I’d like to come here with my beloved coffee and writing, but I can’t. The days are so fast, I barely appear on Instagram.

Now we’re in January 2019 and the truth is, I’ve waited a long time for the turn of the year. 2018 was an excellent year, despite much work and much struggle, we have nothing to complain about, we collect many fruits and many achievements. For every little victory, you have an immense dedication – always remember this 😉

Okay, now what? New Year – New life? It would be magic if it were so, right? What can I say is New Year-new Update! You know why I like this break? I like it because it is between the last and the first week of the year that I analyze everything that has passed and I determine new goals, I always want to improve who I am, I am always looking for my best version, leaving old habits and developing new skills.

What’s my wish for 2019?

First of all I wish to continue to overflow love and improve my inner peace, for only then can I walk without fear.

Now talking about goals, I have not yet written on the paper exactly what will be this year, what I can say is that I need to have them clearly established, it’s almost a necessity indeed.

What happens is that in 2018 I decided not to make a list, I decided to let things happen and live one day at a time – I really don’t feel well. I think it’s amazing the people who can live like this: like there’s no tomorrow, but this lifestyle isn’t for me. I need a motive, a path, a goal, or I feel lost and lose myself balance.

From my heart I wish all of us that 2019 be amazing! With many achievements, a lot of dedication, lots of joys and every love in the world. Thank you for accompanying me in 2018 (in the middle of several ups and downs) and I hope we are closer now.

Happy 2019! 🍾