Friday, January 3rd 2020
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👩🏻‍💻 O i ê ! — Happy New Year to you!

I love the early days of the year when I organize my child’s school life and set my personal goals for the year, otherwise I feel lost.

Monday, December 30th 2019
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2019, thank you…

This is the last post of the year here on the blog and I’m grateful for everything …

Monday, November 25th 2019
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Just a lazy person today…

When I wrote this post it was a cold and pleasant Sunday morning…

I have a thousand things to do and the only thing I’ve done so far was the bed, that’s all.

Last week was super intense and yet I allowed myself to pause (read here procrastinate).

My mind is so confused. I’m fed up, crazy to go out changing the furniture and realign my thoughts, but deep down, I know this is just a dereliction of duty, they’re a lot.

I feel like I need to take a moment for me, maybe … Sleep? Have that night’s sleep in peace, it would have been so if last night the mosquitoes hadn’t appeared. Love animals, but not mosquitoes or cockroaches.

So here I am… typing, typing, and typing…

Giving way to thoughts in the hope of inspiring myself and starting my stuffs. I know, today is Sunday and I could leave it to Monday, right? But tomorrow I won’t have time and I hate it when things are accumulated.

Writing calms me down, recycles my mind and inspires my soul… I have a thousand things to do and, now I already feel willing to solve them.

Saturday, November 16th 2019
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As usual, in January I set some goals for the course of the year and as we are already in November, I decided to review this list. Of all the goals, I was able to meet only three.

Back to school

This year I went back to school, believe me, I like to learn. After much thought I ended up choosing Japanese (I am seriously thinking about registering this experience), for two reasons: the first is that it was always my dream to be fluent and the second is that my son also wanted.

Give my son more autonomy

So we got to the point about giving him more autonomy. Which wasn’t difficult, but it wasn’t as easy as it seems to be. respect, discipline and self-taught. When you teach your child from kindergarten to have a routine and place of study, in the elementary school (1st to 5th grade) to how to study, how to research and how to learn and not to decorate, and especially to arouse curiosity about everything, everything will be more natural in the junior high school (6th to 9th grade), because now the “learning” will be something normal and with the evolution of the contents, he will be increasingly curious and confident, consequently he will be able to seek additional information on his own. I also believe that Kumon has helped a lot at this stage of his life, so much so that he is already fluent in English and has already taken the TOEFL proficiency exam.

About the Blog

Speaking a little about the Blog, this November we completed 3 years registered with domain and hosting of our own and 11 years with coming sand and going on WordPress. I know I couldn’t devote myself 100% and I didn’t even get close to translating it completely, but all this year’s posts are translated by me and with that I ended up putting into practice my translations and I received many foreign visits, thank you for that.


I admit that being a full-time mother is not an easy task and as I have shared several times, I also work and all decisions, educational, emotional, student responsibilities and character training is 100% mine, there is no shared guard in any regard. So the days are run, extremely intense and countless times I’m exhausted, but I don’t change our lives for anything in the world!!!!

Anyway, 2019 isn’t over yet and although I didn’t perform everything I wanted, other things ended up joining the list naturally. Since May, I assumed my white hair, now I am #youngandgray & #cottonhair; I’m still not drink soda and consequently do not consume alcoholic beverages; I totally eliminated the red meat and cocoa; and finally, I greatly reduced the white meat. I don’t know if I’m ever going to become 100% vegetarian, but I think I’m on the way and I’m very proud of these personal achievements.

I just have to thank everyone who’s with me, both here on the blog and on Instagram. I wish these last moments of 2019 will set up good news for all of us.

— with love, Victoria.