📮 A letter to yourself in the past

What would you do if you could send a letter to you 10 years ago? It would be a huge opportunity to do everything different, wouldn’t it?

As I know myself very well, I would only advise in trying to calm my mind that at that moment was very restless, extremely worried and too afraid to do everything wrong. It would be something like this:

Dear Vie,

I know how much you don’t feel ready for life and motherhood.

I know you will go through complicated moments, unexpected abandon, demands of others disguised as good counsel and countless evil whispers. All of this will bring you disappointments and it is very natural that’s happens, because they were people who inspired you.

I know how lonely you feel right now, but hey! Look at your side!! There’s this little boy who sees you as the only person in his life! He feels very happy and safe when you’re around and considers you the most amazing person in the world! He finds you a wonderful mother and who has direct contact with God, for everything you ask of him — He accomplishes!

It’s okay to be worried about things, that’s a sign you’ve grown!
It’s okay if everyone thinks you do it all wrong, but if it’s right for you, the people’s opinion is null and void.
It’s okay if you don’t have too many people around, it’s better to be next to those who really love you than people who intoxicate your mind.

You don’t have to be afraid to be a mom, just be yourself — be the mom you always wanted and dreamed. Take a note: You will do very well.
Don’t be afraid to follow your second sight — no one knows what’s best for you.

And lastly, if necessary — make yourself clear! After all, both lives is your responsibility and it’s not up to anyone butt in!!

Calm down your heart, you own an incredible faith and Pheter is your family now!

With love, you @ 2019.


📮 A farewell letter

Writing a farewell letter, just on the last day of the year is very complicated, because there are many things that I would like to simply turn the page, file them and pretend that never happened, I understand that life is not so, everything I lived during this year help me as a human being and also the only thing that changes instantly is the Calendar.

2018 was such a complicated year?

Complicated-Yes! But not impossible. What I mean is that it was a year of much learning, intense dedication (at work and in personal life) and huge doses of patience.

In my personal life, in a very safe way, there are things I say I quit and I don’t go back: red meat, old habits, toxic people and insecurity in my decisions. These are matters that deserve attention because it was exactly those experiences that made me realize the things I really want every day.

Already in my professional life, if I have something to complain it would be about the fact that I need to wake up at 3:00 am to work, unfortunately my parents fail to understand that even working at home I can not be interrupted at all times, all of this aside I can’t complain!

So let’s arrange a deal, this will not just be a goodbye letter, but a personal mental pin, which will always remind me that no matter how complicated and difficult things and people seem to be, they are needed to get me out of the comfort zone and make me grow, after all, be my best version is my thing.

Dear 2018, thank you for everything we’ve lived so far, for the people I’ve known, for the decisions I’ve made, for the battles we’ve overcome together and for all the love you’ve given to me. Welcome to 2019, more than ever I am ready for our new adventures!!