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Month for me

April, for me 🐰

Do you know when the real life takes practically all your time giving space just for really important things? Well, that’s exactly what happened to me 🙂 Since 2007, April has become a very important month for me. Now my best friend turns 12ys. Fills my days with great joy […]


March, for me 🍀

This time I worked so hard to post in the right time, but it wasn’t enough — today is the last April’s day! As I said in my last quiet time, March would be an amazing month and indeed it was much more than that!! I’m so over the moon and […]


February, for me 🎐

When I started writing it was Carnaval morning, some things were going on and I went “leaving to post tomorrow “, but when I realized March was almost going away… Today I don’t work, but writing is never too much, it makes me think and I really like it. I’ll […]