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November 25th 2018 β€’ Blog

Since November 14th we were offline, at first it was for a good cause – I promise!, but as it was a long holiday, things ended up getting complicated here in real life.

I’ll explain!

Why the blog has been down?

Like I said, it was for a good cause. I guess I have never talked around here, but I also work with content review I do translations (Portuguese ↔ English) and don’t translate the blog let me, for a long time, very upset, until the automatic translation, so I decided to do it and belive me or not it was nonsense!

To soothing my soul I decided it was the right moment to put aside this kludge and do the right thing, I translate everything here by myself. Will work!? Yes!! Can sleep all night long? I hope so! That’s the reason all the old english posts are gone, gradually they will be translated, please be patient.

The Big News: Everything will be translated by ME!!


Now, what happened in real life?

As you know I have a son and any time I can spend with him, I’ll! For having been a long holiday here in Brazil, November 15 – Proclamation of the Republic and November 20 – National of Black Consciousness Day, we enjoy stay with the people we love.

  • We went to the cinema to watch Grinch – watch the trailer down there, we recommend!
  • We had family days.
  • We play Roblox.
  • And we bought some Christmas presents.


On November 15, 1889, Brazil became a republic, a system of government in which the rulers are elected by the people for mandates for a given time.


The truth is that we could have enjoyed a little more outdoor life if the rain had not appeared, but even then the days were pure love, I have nothing to complain about!

When my heart and soul are at peace, everything looks amazing!





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