˗ˏˋ 🥺 What a mess… ˎˊ˗

October 11th 2019 • Blog

2019 is being a very complicated year for me: Change in my son’s method of study, Japanese classes, working intensively, emotionally unstable parents and my physical health shaken. Mix all this in the blender and we’ll have moments of depression.

All this confusion made me leave a few things behind and the blog was one of them. If you could see how many things I started and stopped writing… How many things were in the “Draft “, it becomes shameful not to be able to give constant updates, I thought countless times to end everything here and keep only Instagram active, but I was invaded by the emptiness accompanied by an immense pain in the heart- See all my affection here devoted going to the trash (again) is very sad.

I never imagined that some changes could shake my structures this way. Lately I’ve been feeling emotionally more fragile and frightens me very much, because I’ve always been very confident of my emotions.

For those who do not know, when I had around 12 — 13 years, I was diagnosed with mild depression, but my mother never took it seriously, because she thinks it is freshness and it does not exist, I believe that until today my father has no idea of this. The case is: I have depression and in recent years the symptoms have passed from the point where I could save for me…

… On second thought, I think I need to go back to therapy… As much as I try alone to stay focused is a difficult and extremely exhausting exercise. I have many responsibilities and I need to deal with all of this alone, so Gee, give me a break, please…



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