💌 “12 letters in 12 months”

Usually I don’t have the custom in starting a project missing so little time to finish the year, I feel like I was breaking a rule or something like that, inside me seems something well wrong and out of the patterns (which is well “funny”, just the person out of the standards!).

Breaking my own rules, I decided to face another personal challenge: “Project 12 Letters in 12 Months” and for those who don’t know me, my greatest personal challenge is, was and always will be to finish something that I started. I promise, all my heart, to finish this!

° ganbatte kudasai ~ 😊

Recently I met a Brazilian blog “Depois dos 30“, which I immediately identified with his name, for those who do not know also, recently completed my beautiful 12,775 days of existence 🎂 is or isn’t to have much love!?! Back to the subject… So, there I met the design of the 12 personal letters and how I love these things, I decided to try it!

This is how it works: for 12 months I will write 1 letter and publish here on the blog, so in the final we have 12 lovely letters! Theoretically, it seems quite simple to accomplish, right? I want to see even how this will work in practice!! As I will write, I’ll update here on the list below.

💌 January ~ A letter to yourself in the past (ten years ago)

February ~ A letter to a fictional character

March ~ A thankful letter

April ~ A letter to an unknown person

May ~ A letter to never be sent

June ~ A letter to your childhood

July ~ A revolution letter

August ~ A letter to your reflection in the mirror

September ~ A letter to your dreams

October ~ A letter to your best friend

November ~ A forgiveness letter

💌 December ~ A farewell letter


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