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January 3rd 2020 • Blog

👩🏻‍💻 O i ê ! — Happy New Year to you!

I love the early days of the year when I organize my child’s school life and set my personal goals for the year, otherwise I feel lost.

I think it is important to set goals, for me a random life is synonymous with lost time. I speak from my own experience, in 2018 I tried to live one day at a time and I confess that I hated it.

I like to look at everything that went right and abandon what went wrong. I have no problem letting go of what went wrong, but if it’s something I really want, then I try again in another way.

As usual these early days are the right time for planning! For now I have put aside a few things, added new ideas, and organized school hours.

  • Keep Japanese activities up to date and eventually share here with you.
  • Read at least 4 books during the year.
  • Restart my Instagram profile and my journal.
  • Complain less.

These are my main goals for 2020, some things have not been on the list, as they are already part of the routine such as: not dyeing your hair, not eating red meat, not consuming soda and alcoholic beverages and not eating chocolate. Now, everything on the list I will do my best to achieve.

Tell me, how’s your annual planning? I want you to realize all your dreams and have the courage to put them into action, deal? 



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