˗ˏˋ about quarantine ˎˊ˗

June 11th 2020 • Blog, Motherhood

could justify my disappearance with obvious reasons, but the truth is that this time they were not to blame – how many months do I not come here? I practically lost count.

I had to stop.
I had to breathe.
I needed an auto analysis.
I had to go out of automatic mode.

I thought countless times about disabling some decisions, the blog and even everything that makes me happy …

in a few moments I thought of a “quarantine diary” to try to alleviate this nameless feeling, but what could write? about how many things were losing their value and that I was no longer in the mood for absolutely nothing? in how I was not effectively productive? or how tired I am of people? – somewhat complicated to write about certain things, because it is a combo of feelings.

I confess that I am quarantined since January, working daily with information that is not transmitted on television is exhausting and if you are not mature enough to separate things and make yourself deaf/blind with opinions that do not seek to learn, go crazy is just the tip of the iceberg.

I am a few months without seeing my family physically, many birthdays were celebrated with video calls, but the most important thing is that my son was always around, especially in confusing moments. he hugged me when I cried for no apparent reason, brought me joy when I was sad, put smiles on my face when nothing else was funny and helped me speak when I could not turn into phrases the strangest feelings, so I, so good with words.

honestly, I’m very grateful ˆ3ˆ



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