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December 3rd 2018 • Blog

🎅🏻 Ho! Ho! Ho!
My long-dreamed and desired Collective Posting is here!! This is the first time I’m participating, so nothing more remarkable than getting more beautiful at the time of the year, Christmas!

We are a small group of bloggers and we will post together for 24 days, with the same purpose: just for fun! And if everything works well, maybe we will have new posts together?

Luly made a short definition of what is BLOGMAS: “is a term used in the blogosphere for when you do a countdown to Christmas, publishing every day before, that means: between 1 and 24. Simple like that!

I don’t know how does this dynamic, but what I do know is that: I will try with all my heart, because as you know, daily post is a big challenge for me.

So, here is the blogs participating and as I’m posting here on the blog, I’ll update here, okay? So let the games begin 2018 Christmas!!

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