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December 13th 2019 β€’ Blog

Even though I don’t have beautiful memories of my childhood β€” I love Christmas. Family reunions have always been boring (and still are) and meals always bad, especially these days β€” I DON’T EAT MEAT!

Fortunately, since my son was born, Christmas has become more special and we start our family tradition and this has brought the magic!

We love to put cinnamon in the breakfast drinks, gives that feeling of comfort in the soul. We love to visit decorated places, set up and decorate our tree and rooms. Every Christmas we create new recipes and we bake some cookies. We want to build those houses, but we haven’t reached the point of our dough, it is very buttery and doesn’t stand up. Over the years we build our tradition, we see the things we like, we eliminate that didn’t work out and we keep going. I think is extremely important to create this solid family foundation, even if only between us, I believe beautiful memories are built on the small details. >> ! ! This is Love ! ! <<

For me Christmas should be every day, which doesn’t happen, it’s the only moment the people are more sensitive, supportive and very polite, including receive greetings from people who don’t even remember your existence throughout the year. Isn’t it weird?

Anyway, even with all the ups and downs of life, I’m so grateful to have a continuation of me and make Christmas a very special season. Is anyone else there who also likes Christmas?

β€” with love, viectoria.



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