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February 17th 2020 • Blog, Motherhood, Studyblog

we are already in the middle of February, the only thing I can say is that these first days of the year have passed very fast and barely had time to breathe. but that’s not a problem, because every beginning of the year is just the case.

although I don’t have time for anything, I keep going firmly in my goals and in the meantime I started a mental mantra about not letting me affect by toxic people. It may seem silly, but did you know that keeping mental health in excellent condition is super important not to go crazy?

So… January was a rush around here, I didn’t have a day off! Establishing a functional schedule for a child is much more complicated than it seems, requires a lot of patience and much demand from my personal schedule.

📚 It’s time to go back to school!
started in early January, we had a little delay in receiving the books and consequently the annual planning took a while to get ready, but now with everything ready I can say: 8th grade, here we go!

👨🏼‍💻 this year we decided to literate Pedro in Code (click here to understand what is Code Literacy) and also take English to another level, so he started the algorithm course (in the future I explain better about it). it’s a tremendous challenge because the classes are totally in English and the content is for adults. despite all the difficulties, he’s doing super well.

it’s like I always say: once he learns (anything) for real, he’ll never forget! and in this case mastering the algorithm is critical to follow in programming.

speaking of challenges, 🎎 the nihongo course continues at full steam, we are going only once a week (financial reasons you know?), in our opinion was super valid because we have more hours of study.

in short, January was like this. wish february to be a quieter month, a little lighter and very productive 😘



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